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Info 1105: Dream #4 Schloss Einstein raw denim

4 Aug


Last night, I finally had another dream about bibs. Unfortunately only a very brief scene.

In the dream, I watched a (fictional) episode of Schloss Einstein. Not at my current home but in a larger hall. Maybe I lived in a boarding school (not Schloss Einstein) or maybe a shop. At least one person (lying on a bed ?) saw me watching TV. Not Kika but channel Das Erste. At the end of the episode, some teen boys in raw denim bibs, around 14 yo are chatting at a diso or party (but none dancing). 1 or 2 boys are first on the right, front/side view. When they left there are boys in a row,  all rear view. Tight bibs.

I left the room and go down a staircase or escalator to post it to my blog.

I had some more dreams with completely different, unrelated contents (no bibs). Maybe I remember more or even continue this dream tonight. I haven’t watched Schloss Einstein nor raw denim contents for a long time. And I think there weren’t any teen boys in raw denim bibs in the series.

Pics are taken from The Waltons (s2e8), The Dinosaur Hunter, and You Can’t Do That on Television.


Today on TV (woman)



The Frontier Experience

21 Jun


LCA educational film, 25 min
Year: 1975
Year in film: 1869
Country: USA
Who in bibs: boys ~11, 18 ?, men
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: medium-
Rating:  7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: One boy ~11 yo in raw denim bibs, bib at low position, backside suspenders partial white, hands in pockets. One older teen boy or young men and also some few other man in bibs.

Another great educational film from  The Learning Company of America (LCA), this time from the mid 70s. Aka “The Shaping of the American Nation: The Frontier Experience”. On YouTube. I almost missed this, uploaded some time ago.

Great bibs, almost rating 8.

Directed and produced by Barbara Loden, who also starred. There are several other movies in this American Nation series, but most are too early for containing bibs (maybe 1 or 2 more).

Available on DVD (Phoenix Learning Group, $60 including rights showing at schools).

Main overview list



Hallo Schatz – Vom Plunder zum Prachtstück (on TV)

3 Jun


Reality TV series, upcycling, 30 ep
Year: 2019-
Year in film: 2010s
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: Victoria ~20s
Available on DVD: no ?
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: medium+
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: Co-host Victoria Beyer in tight, raw denim bibs with a belt. Quite small bib, female bibs, no fly. Backside simple straps. Pic 1 from yesterday’s episode 19, pic 2 from ep 1. She wears bibs very often, but is not shown that often and sometimes with a jacket. Maybe also sitting, at least publicity pics. Obviously few rear views.

I found this by coincidence and don’t know all episodes.

I like raw denim bibs, but I don’t like her, nor tight bibs.

Rating ~5-6 for now. Saturdays on DasErste. Available on the mediathek.

Update: Let’s Sing Again (1936)

16 May


And another update. 3 larger and better pics. Obviously rather few scenes near the beginning. Even more orphans in bibs than first assumed. Best scene at 8 minutes. Not sure if the “remastered” DVD is this quality of the pics/streams or better.

Main entry, still rating 5



Book 86: The Rabbit’s Tale, new pics

9 May


Another sound description. Robert Reynolds: The Rabbit’s Tale – A Tale for Children.

An old man makes rubbing sounds when walking, stiff fabric. Unfortunately only this very brief description and an old man. Earlier sound post


Pic 1, I found by coincidence. Larger pic on my FSA/OWI album

Pic 2, I found during research, originally taken from a (recently discontinued) German mail order catalogue, around 1981, This bibs of the handsome boy are corduroy (probably the blue bibs of the girl as well), larger res and one more pic (f,m, boy in raw denim) on my “CC Album”. Luckily, Google Photos still work. Both links on my blogroll.


Update: The Devil and Max Devlin

29 Apr


As announced another update.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found the close-up scene of the main entry, so I can’t make a larger pic. Adam Rich is small and looks much younger than 12 yo. Obviously filmed earlier.

Pic 2 at 1h06 showing another, younger boy in light blue bibs, a girl in pink bibs and a girl in dark blue bibs.

As said, also great wet scenes of Adam Rich shirtless in blue Adidas shorts on my shiny shorts blog. At the end also boys in jeans and Cowboy hats (soon on my Western blog).

Main entry here, still rating 5-(6) although I like raw denim bibs. But he’s quite young and few scenes.


Damals war’s (1995)

8 Apr


Oldie Show, new host Wolfgang Lippert, ep 16
Year: 2019
Year in film: 1984
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: girl 10
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Clothing occurrence: very low
Rating:  4/10
Rating: ****
Comment: One daughter of Karel Gott, must be the oldest one in raw denim bibs, front+rear view, walking. Brief scene from yesterday’s episode (April 7 2019 at 56 minutes. Available on the mediathek.

The year to be guessed in this episode is obviously 1984. The daughter was 10 yo then. But this personal footage might be up to one year earlier.

Quite interesting. I like raw denim bibs. Quite rare for a girl to wore these in the 80s.

One brief scene. Rating ~4. Also one boy in Hier kommt die Maus.



Update 3: Barney & Friends

5 Apr


I already have an entry about this and other episode, but recently came across again.

Very good raw denim bibs (boys and girls) and some more sitting scenes, even better than pictured before. Also dancing and gymnastics (lifting up one leg, jumping).

Pics from episode “Down on Barney’s Farm”.

Main entries, currently rating 7 (maybe I should give 8, mainly for the girls. The boys are too young.)




Update: Little Children (2006)

7 Mar


One better pic of Kate Winslet showing more of the length. Previously a headshot from a trailer only. Bibs look like raw denim. Unfortunately, just one brief scene.

Main entry, rating 3, maybe rather 4-5.


Also 2 new pics of


which previously appeared on the top posts.

Update: Radio Flyer

23 Feb


And still another update. Completely checked at high speed. Several good scenes of Joseph Mazzello in both dark and hickory striped bibs (pic 2+4 at 48 minutes). Also sitting and fishing, good rear view at 16 minutes. Pic 1 kneeing at 22 minutes. Dark bibs mainly at the beginning (backside simple suspenders).

Not sure about pic 3 (at 26 minutes). Could be a 3rd pair and seems plain light blue. 1 short scene in those.

Also very soon on my bedroom blog.

Quite interesting bibs, but he’s too young.

Main entry, still rating 6 at