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Update: Bibi & Tina voll verhext!

23 Apr


Next to a blonde, young lady, there’s also at least one very young girl in bibs including riding scenes. Pic from the music clip. Also nice teen girls and boys in Western/Cowboy clothes (Western blog rating 4), pigtails blog rating 5 and an older teen boy in Lederhosen (rating 4). And many kids in costumes at the end.

Has been aired on Easter but I missed it almost completely. So still needs to be rechecked. Maybe even more actors in bibs? Nice ranch, hay and barn settings.

Main entry, currently rating 3 (IMDb now corrected the title)


Die Büffel sind los! (on TV)

12 Mar


TV Western Heimatfilm
Year: 2016
Year in film: 2010s ?
Country: Germany
Who in bibs: Sveta ~20
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurence: low+ ?
Rating:  4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: 20 yo Italian Anna Unterberger as 25 yo Sveta in dark blue bibs (but not raw denim) and a sleeveless shirt doing ranch work. Also riding at the beginning and another scene with a jacket near the end.

Monday on TV but also on YouTube. Thanks Michi for this info.

Very interesting but I think rather few good scenes. I have briefly checked it online.

Rating 6-7 for now.

Please also note my previous entry, by coincidence also a farm woman (and boy).

Series “Andi Mack” also coming soon.

Update: I have seen the beginning on TV and was disappointed. Although she’s barefooted, has one strap loose and even undressing completetly the bibs. Poor jeans fabric, backside simple suspenders and her strong accent (Romania). Rare movie genre mix.

Rating now 4 instead of 6-7.

Les vacances de l’amour

19 Jan


Adventure series, 160 ep
Year: 1996-2007
Year in film: 1998
Country: France
Who in bibs: Alexandre ~10, Johanna ~33, Manuela ~20
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium+ *
Rating: 7/10
Rating: *******
Comment: Morgan Vasner in blue bibs in several scenes in the 1998 episode s3e24 only “Des vacances exceptionnelles”. Bib at low position (much higher when sitting). Often with a cap. He often has to readjust one of his straps. Obviously also US-American Rochelle Redfield shirtless in blue bibs or shortalls or similar (seen at the intro of season 3) but I haven’t found her yet in the series. Also a younger lady in long blue bibs, even riding and sitting on the ground in 1996 ep 4 (pic 4, maybe Manuela Lopez ?). Maybe some more actors? I think also men. I found the others by coincidence and don’t have the time now for checking more episodes.

Another suggestion. Great find. Thanks very much!

Nice bibs. Somehow I like this, rating 7 (for the boy), although I usually don’t like the bib at low position. The ladies are not bad either.

Series “Extra Zigda” also coming soon.

I have to check other series with Rochelle Redfield as well, like “Hélène et les garcons” and “Les mystères de l’amour”. Also she (or another lady) in tight blue bibs with a belt (full length) at least in season 10.



27 Nov


Comedy film. Novel Torben Nielsen
Year: 1994
Year in film: 1950s
Country: Denmark
Who in bibs: Torben 14
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no, partly TV recording
Bib occurence: often ?
Rating:  5/10 ?
Rating: *****
Comment: At least Robert Hansen in blue bibs, bib at very low position. Farm scenes and sitting (riding a motorcycle and on a cow). 1950s or 1950s style.

This is the teen boy, previously put by me into the movie “Krummerne 3” what was wrong. And also tagged unknown, as I wasn’t sure. He even also starred in there.

Thanks very much Frederik for pointing out the correct title! English title: The Rascal.

There seems to be many bibs scenes. I don’t remember the complete movie. Pic is from the trailer.

Now only 2-3 unknown movies on this blog, some more on my other blogs. (More coming soon.)

Rating also 5 for this one. Quite interesting and good setting. But I don’t like the bib at that low position.

Now on TV: Marie fängt Feuer (women, men firefighter)

Update 3: The Waltons – Season 6

11 Nov


I’m quite busy and currently watching less the Waltons. But here are some scenes of disc 4 + 5 of season 6. Rather few good scenes. At least nothing much new.

Pic 1 showing Elizabeth riding in raw denim bibs (disc 5 at 13 minutes, ep 18). She wore raw denim bibs before (even dancing). Also again in light blue, almost white bleached bibs like sitting. There’s a young girl Katherina in beige bibs (sorry, I forgot to make pics).

Pic 2 showing Jim-Bob walking (disc 4 at 1h36, ep 14). Bibs are not hickory striped which he often wore especially with that shirt.

Pic 3 showing Jim-Bob and Ben painting in coveralls (disc 5 at 1h59, ep 22). Maybe they wore pants or even bibs underneath. Also quite interesting.

Pic 4 showing Jim-Bob dancing (and standing up, brief scene). I think these bibs are hickory striped. Fabric is more sturdy and often in the butt crack. Disc 5 at 51 minutes.

Some few more scenes soon descibed at the season 6 entry.






Update 4: The Waltons – Season 5

12 Aug


And yet another update of The Waltons. Mainly disc 5 of season 5. And again mainly Jim-Bob.

Pic 1 showing Elizabeth looking like Huckleberry Finn with a straw hat and dark, faded bibs. It must be a continuity error as she first walks with Zeb in different pants with attached, overlapping straps and partly back bib but missing the bib at the front (unpictured). Later at the mountain and when she returns she wore that bibs pictured, getting wet and muddy. Disc 5 at 2h49.

Pic 2 from disc 4 at 2h57. Jim-Bib riding as usual without saddle in his medium blue bibs.

In pic 3 Jim-Bob, previously lying under his junk car and standing up, his bibs looking much tighter and much more faded than usual. Maybe another, different pair. Or washed too often and Jim-Bob grew into them. Elizabeth has a young admirer. Disc 5 at 2h23.

Pic 4 showing Jason’s rear, sitting at the table, previously walking towards it. One of the last scenes with him in bibs in the series. Disc 5 at 2h31.

Again playing issues. On 3 discs at the same position, around 1h20-1h45. So probably due to the copyright protection (same on Dallas). You can only watch it once or twice than playing errors getting more and more severe on all players. Not sure if this is true for all editions.

I also received a rating 9 Western DVD with a handsome boy in pants with suspenders. Unfortunately no bibs. Check out my Western blog. The Waltons at




Update 2: The Waltons – Season 5

25 Jul


Some more from The Waltons season 5. Mainly Jim-Bob of interest (next to Ben and Elizabeth). Pic 1 showing him riding Blue (as usual without saddle) in ep 2 (disc 1 at 1h35). Not bad but from a distance and brief scene.

The scene in pic 2 I already mentioned (Story 29: Waltons 3 on 1 horse, slightly different pic). Very interesting. His girl friend (Patsy Brimmer ?) mounted later and sitting on his lap (or nuts)! and then riding. Ouch. And he’s still laughing. Disc 3 at 39 min (ep 7).

Pic 3 showing him (and Ben) in the church. Disc 3 at 1h17 ep 7 or 8 (double ep). His bib is sagging making a fold, so at very low position. Corabeth said to him to stand properly. He’s also grabbing his straps. On the rear thigh near the butt he now has a beige patch. Later also dancing in his beige bibs.

Fewer and fewer scenes of Jason (no scenes in bibs in seasons 6-9). Again, I encountered problems playing all disc of season 4 and 5.





A Cool, Dry Place

4 Jul


Drama starring Vince Vaughn
Year: 1998
Year in film: 1990s ?
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Calvin ~5
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low ?
Rating:  4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: At least Bobby Moat, around 5 or 6 yo as 5 yo Calvin (4 yo in the 1996 novel, written by Michael Grant Jaffe) in blue bibs, also riding (with Joey Lauren Adams), bibs appear light blue there but could be the sun light. Farm and rural setting of Kansas and/or Dallas. Not sure about the amount of bibs scenes. He also wore other clothes like regular jeans.

From my rare movies list. I still haven’t seen the complete movie yet and have to recheck it later. Rated PG-13.

Interesting plot and setting. But due to his age I can only give rating 3-4 for now.

Also starring (~19 yo) Devon Sawa (shirtless/without clothes) and Monica Potter.

Update 2: The Waltons – Season 4

2 Jun


Time for The Waltons. Now disc 4 and partly disc 5. For Ben in raw denim bibs in s4e14 and also showing others like Jim-Bob, I already made a post. More infos on the season 4 entry.

Pic 1 showing Mary Ellen riding, sitting behind John-Boy in ep 13 at 6 minutes. John-Boy this time not in bibs. Also descending the horse. Lots of scenes with her in bibs as a nurse.

Pic 2 showing Jason, granddad and Jim-Bob in ep 14, CD position 1h06. Interesting is the color of the bibs. Jason’s bibs look very light but we’ve seen Jim-Bob’s bibs which are medium blue like Mary Ellen’s in pic 1 and also shown below (in the sun as well). So it’s obviously just the sun light that they appear much lighter and more faded. The bib of Jim-Bob is at very low position.

Pic 3 a rare gardening scene of Erin, Jim-Bob and Elizabeth in ep 13 at 36 minutes. All bibs have simple suspenders on the back (till the butt). They are not really farmers. Small garden and one cow.

Pic 4 also showing the rear of Jim-Bob, Erin and Jason. Ben on the left and Mary Ellen on the right. Ep 17 (disc 5) at 12 minutes. Typical scene of the family together listening to the radio or here Zeb’s stories.



Story 127: The Waltons – Ben in raw denim overalls

22 May


16 yo Ben wearing raw denim bibs in s4e14 (disc 4 at 51 minutes, pictured, so around 6 minutes at this episode), bib at low position. Maybe the bibs aren’t brand new and washed once or twice. In the sun or backlight they appear much lighter. Jason’s bibs (pic 2 on the left) also appear like raw denim but I think they aren’t (shadow). Ben also riding a horse at 54 minutes in these raw denim bibs.

It’s just one scene and maybe the bibs are an extra pair or another continuity error. In the next scene he packed his suitcase at their room, wearing his usual hickory striped working bibs. Why would he changed when angry, in a hurry and looking for a job?

Jim-Bob (pic 2, middle) now wearing faded, medium blue bibs. Bib at low position, backside simple suspenders only. I don’t like that. And on this disc I have again problems when playing.

I like raw denim bibs, but I don’t like Ben with his pimples and bibs with the bib at low position.

There seems to be several scenes with actors in raw denim bibs. At first I don’t remember any. I think I will make a list of that because I have many Waltons posts. Probably I will make a list of Ben, too.

Rating 6 for this.