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The Legend of Billie Jean

22 Mar


Drama starring Helen Slater
Year: 1985
Year in film: 1980s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Putter ~20, woman
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: very low ?
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: 20 yo French Yeardley Smith (voice of Lisa in The Simpsons) should wear bibs, but I haven’t found bibs scenes. Can anybody help? At least one other young lady in olive shortalls or similar at 49 minutes.

Yeardley Smith in very long pigtails (pigtails blog rating 4).

Also on my shiny shorts blog (f/m) rating 7, and a boy sitting in Baseball clothes.

Interesting 80s movie.

For bibs rating 2-3 for now only.

Update: Rupert Patterson Wants to be a Super Hero

17 Mar


Yesterday I have roughly rechecked this DVD, rating 7 (mainly for shiny shorts). Several interesting scenes of both boy and girl in bibs. As I only had 2 tiny pics, I captured now these pics.

Pic 1 showing the girl in her usual blue shortalls. Pic 3 in shorter beige shortalls at the end.

Pic 2 showing Rupert being tied in bibs. Also shown from other perspectives and before that being carried.

Quite good and funny family movie by Sullivan Entertainment (Wind at My Back (f/m rating 8), Looking for Miracles, Road to Avonlea, and other nice movies and series).

Sean Campbell is handsome (nice haircut), but quite young and only wore these faded bibs in the 2nd half. Bib at very low positon. Not that bad, but I can’t give more than rating 7. Main entry


Update: Oh, I forgot that there are also 2 more girls. I have to make another update later (after finishing The Waltons s7).


Andi Mack

13 Mar


Comedy series
Year: 2017-
Year in film: 2010s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: girl Andi ~13
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium- ?
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: At least Peyton Elizabeth Lee as main character in short shortalls) pic 2 from s1e13) and obviously also longer, dark striped bibs, pic 1 from the intro. Also sitting in shortalls on her bed.

Thanks again Michi for this suggestion!

New Disney Channel series, still running. But I don’t like her. She looks more like a boy. Maybe there are also other girls or boys? Needs to be rechecked later.

Rating 3-4 for now only.

Celle qui reste

12 Mar


TV sports drama
Year: 2005
Year in film: 2000s ?
Country: France
Who in bibs: Vincent ~10, woman ?
Available on DVD: no
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: Arthur Vaughan-Whitehead as 10 yo Vincent (younger looking, around 7 yo) in faded blue shortalls and a sleeveless shirt, and I think his film mom, played by Patricia Richard in green bibs with her bib down and a sleeveless shirt doing farm work.

One pic of the woman is here

Another suggestion. Thanks very much, also for the new suggestions!

I only found a short trailer and some pics. But I don’t like this boy anyway. At least farm setting. Plot is about a handicapped 12 yo athletic girl.

Rating 3-4 for now only. Obviously not on DVD.


Armed and Dangerous (1986)

11 Mar


Comedy film. John Candy
Year: 1986
Year in film: 1980s
Country: USA
Who in bibs: “little girl” ~12
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: very low ?
Rating:  5/10
Rating: *****
Comment: As announced, at least 12 or 13 yo Melanie Gaffin (“The Wiz Kids (1983)” rating 5) in light blue shortalls with white flowers or similar pattern. Front+rear view at the beginning, probably this brief scene only.

Not that bad, but rating 4-5 only.

Also starring Meg Ryan.

Update: Frog and Wombat

8 Mar


I found some parts on a VHS. And there are at least 3 or 4 girls in 4 different shortalls and bibs and I now also found a woman, shirtless in bibs (48 yo Lindsay Wagner).

The light blue shortalls are maybe hickory striped, the other light blue shortalls on the main entry are checkered. Bibs of the chubby girl and the other shortalls are plain, faded blue, same as the woman’s.

Obviously many scenes (mainly shortalls). Also starring Ross Malinger (bot probably not in bibs).

Still rating 5. Main entry at



Info 550: Updates (f)

6 Mar


I have added these 2 pics to it’s entry. I found a better pic of Barney’s Great Adventure (pic 2, rating 4+) on a VHS. After appearing on the TOP posts, I have checked completetly Shadows of Desire (1994), but only found a very brief scene (headshots front+rear only), rating 4-. Previously a headshot not showing bibs in the post.

Unknwown 12: US movie or series

5 Mar


Unknown movie or series
Year: 1990s or 2000s ?
Year in film: 1990s ?
Country: USA ?
Who in bibs: girl ~10 ?
Available on DVD: yes ?
I own: no, partly TV recording
Bib occurence: low+ ?
Rating:  3/10
Rating: ***
Comment: At least this young black girl in light yellow shortalls, also sitting. Bib at low position.

Another unknown, short clip from a VHS recording. Captured in April 2004 and I think also recorded in 2004. Production however could be earlier, maybe the 1990s. More likely a movie than a TV series.

Rating 3 for now.

Who knows the name of actress or movie?

Le gone du Chaâba

26 Feb


Year: 1997
Year in film: 1965
Country: France
Who in bibs: Omar ~9 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low+ ?
Rating:  3/10 ?
Rating: ***
Comment: At least this young boy, I think Bouzid Negnoug as 9 yo main character Omar (looking much younger to me) in light grey, I think cotton shortalls. Also this or more likely an even younger boy, maybe Nabil Ghalem, around 5 yo in long, light blue (jeans ?) bibs, shirtless but with a jacket.

I only have checked this complete movie at high speed. Pic taken from the trailer.

Autobiographical 1986 novel by Algerian Azouz Begag set in a suburb of Lyon. English title: The Kid from Chaaba. Several awards and a nomination for a César. Directed by Christophe Ruggia (“Les diables”, 2002) !

Maybe a quite interesting movie. But the boy looks very young. Simple shortalls.

Rating 2-3 only.

Nightworld: Lost Souls

25 Feb


Thriller starring John Savage
Year: 1998
Year in film: 1990s
Country: Canada, Luxembourg
Who in bibs: Meaghan ~11
Available on DVD: yes
I own: yes, partly TV recording
Bib occurence: medium
Rating:  6/10
Rating: ******
Comment: Britain Laura Harling as autistic Meaghan in dark blue shortalls, also sitting. I think rather few scenes.

Another one from my VHS recordings. As usual only a partly recording left. Luckily I have the title.

Rating 5-6. I like dark denim.