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Update: Christmas Lilies of the Field

13 Feb


I found a new trailer in much better image quality and this rare movie is now even available as (non-free, but cheap) stream. I still consider buying it (if it’s available outside the US), currently rating 7.

At least one boy and at least 2 or 3 young girls as orphans in bibs. Setting obviously in the mid or late 1960s.

Does anybody know this movie and can tell if this is worth buying?

Nice sitting scenes, adding tag sitting M.

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Fuller House

11 Feb


Sitcom 45 ep
Year: 2016-
Year in film: 2010s ?
Country: USA
Who in bibs: Max ~9, girls, men
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium- *
Rating: 5/10 ?
Rating: *****
Comment: Elias Harger in faded blue bibs in s2e5 (pic 2) and s2e7 (also sitting and gardening) and in raw denim bibs with flashing neon LED lights in s2e8, also dancing. Also 2 men and a toddler in blue bibs in s2e8. Obviously also at least little girls as shown at the intro of season 2 but this is probably from Full House. Maybe some more scenes and actors, as the series is still running and I haven’t checked all episodes.

Another suggestion. Thanks very much!

This is a Netflix sequel/ spin-off series of Full House (1987) f/m rating 4


I don’t like much this boy and he’s quite young. Several scenes of him in these 3 episodes. I like raw denim bibs but I can’t give more than rating 4-5 for now. Also soon on my bedroom blog, ~rating 5.


Update: Sarahsarà

10 Feb


Some more scenes than first assumed and even 3 different pairs (dark blue, light blue and white). Also sitting scenes.

The boys works at a garage, hence the cloth in the bib pocket.

Pics 1+3 at 42 minutes, pic 2 at 1h05, pic 4 at~47 minutes, another scene at 18 (also rear view but from a distance).

In total 5 new pics, one other in the main entry, rating 5-(6)



Update: Trollsommar

9 Feb


Previously very poor pics, now these better ones of the two boys. Still not perfect quality. At least one boy also sitting (mainly or only from a distance). Also men in bibs.

Quite interesting and handsome blonde boys, but there are better movies.

Main entry rating 5



Update: Dragonworld

27 Jan


I have rechecked this movie starring Cortland Mead and uploaded this new and better pic. Fewer scenes than first assumed but also this nice sitting scene. Quite interesting movie, but he’s very young.

Main entry, rating 4


I also have checked other movies. In Smiley (1956), the boy obviously only wore pants with suspenders. Previously rated 6.


Update: De bende van Hiernaast (f,m)

19 Jan


I have rechecked this complete movie. Even more bibs scenes than assumed (often hands in pockets) and also at least one girl in dark blue bibs or similar. (High back part/short straps).

Pic 1 showing the boy, most often shown, here cycling. He also wore a shortsleeved white/striped shirt. Bib at very high position.

Pic 2 also showing the blonde, pigtailed girl, middle background. Obviously rather few scenes of her. Scene at 22 minutes.

Pic 3 at 1h14 showing one more scene of the other, longhaired kid in hickory striped bibs, here sitting. I’m still not sure if this is a boy or girl. Anybody know the name? Behavior and movements more like a boy, the voice and hair rather like a girl.

Very good early 80s Dutch movie. Bibs are tight and I prefer darker, real jeans fabric. Also soon on my bedroom blog. Main entry, rating 6



Wind at My Back – S1e1

11 Jan


Some more pics from s1e1. I already have the best scenes from season 1. Only one pic of s1e1, which is one of the best (the picnic sitting scene of Fat). I don’t like much the bibs of young Fat. Another brief sitting scene inside at 14 min, but dark lit (pic 3), also the sweeping scene at 27 min, later standing, side view. And another rear view which is after the picnic scene at ~17 min and looks a bit different and not that baggy.

I also discovered some other boys on disc 2 which I still haven’t finished (coming soon).

Main entry, rating 7




Update: Freaky Friday (1995) f,m

5 Jan


I have rechecked this complete movie (at high speed) and also found (brief) scenes of a young boy (maybe around 6 yo ?), cycling in long bibs, also on the ground with both straps down. Much more scenes of the girl in hickory striped bibs. Bib of both at high position. All pics, except pic 2 near the end.

Main entry, rating 7 (for the girl)




Update 2: La pietra di Marco Polo

3 Jan


I now have seen the 2nd half, so the complete series. Some more, even better sitting scenes of the 7 yo Adi.

I think, I also have seen another boy in blue jeans bibs in ep 18 (pic 3, 3rd from left, also more close-up), but very brief and fast scene. (I might have missed some other scenes, though). Also some men in blue bibs like in ep 18. I think rare bibs with a zipper till the upper part of the bib.

Adi also shirtless in white briefs (tighty whiteys) in ep 21 and also a short surfing suit.

Pic 1 from ep 24, pic 2 from ep 22. Also some very good bedroom scenes of all in their grey sleepwear, now also updated again on my bedroom, blog, now rating 8. Also good sitting scenes of Sebastian in blue jeans in ep 18.

Main entry here, rating 4



Update: Tom Sawyer (1973)

1 Jan


As announced some more pics of this musical.

Pic 1 showing Johnny Whitaker shirtless and I think a bit wet. Bib at low position. Bibs are tight. Pic 2 showing a young boy sitting on the ground in faded bibs (I think at ~1h20). Pic 3 showing Jeff East as Huck swinging at a rope. Pic 4 at least 2 boys running in light blue bibs at 1h20.

Please also note my recent pic (teen boy at a one-room schoolhouse) and the new pics in the main entry (rating 6) including this and other boys like at the fence painting scene. Huck’s bibs are very simple and the bib at very low position. Straps prolonged with a string. Also soon on my bedroom blog.

For other Tom and Huck movies check out my Western and pre 1900s list and my other blogs, especially the bedroom blog. I think I have to recheck them for supporting actors and schoolhouse scenes. However, most movies don’t show any bibs. And both Tom and Huck in bibs is very rare. Again A Happy New Year!