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Die Kinder vom Alstertal – season 1 – over a man’s shoulder

2 Nov


I have briefly rechecked all 13 episodes of season 1 and some few of season 2. Some more interesting scenes.

Pic 1 showing Kiki in long, blue bibs being carried in s1e7.

Pic 2 Lisa in longer, dark blue, maybe non-jeans shortalls in s1e5. I think only this brief scene of interest. Also in those shortalls cycling and more scenes in s1e10 (see other entries).

Pic 3 showing Tobias. Also Merle and Niklas in Lederhosen (I missed on my Lederhosen blog and only noticed both in sailor suits).

Pic 4 showing Kiki cycling in long, blue bibs. Also in longer, beige shortalls in s1e8 and also in season 2, s2e5.

Main entries, rating 5 (handsome 12 yo singer Timo but not in bibs, also on most my other blogs)




Story 151: Swimming in Long johns – Our Gang

1 Oct


In Sunday Calm (1923), I found great swimming scenes in wet long johns, also undressing but I think no or no notable bibs scene. I don’t want to show too indecent pics.

On front: Mickey Daniels. Previously also on front: Joe Cobb making a somersault in the water.

Main Our Gang overview and other movie with long johns



Today on TV: Team 13 – Freundschaft zählt (teen girl, rating 5), I have to add better pics. Also new stats.

Story 150: Long johns, union suit, Our Gang, Sears

5 Sep


A bit off-topic, but vintage clothes are always interesting. Long johns (and underwear) are rarely shown in movies or series, especially kids. And very rare in combination with overalls (and often you don’t know what’s underneath). I’m currently searching the late “Our Gang” movies (I think rather few actors in bibs, mainly Robert Blake with a small bib like in Waldo’s Last Stand). Yesterday, I found Alfalfa in long Johns in “Came the Brawn” (1938), pic 2. He wore boxing shorts over them which were pulled down by the opponent boy, also rear view. Soon also on my shiny shorts blog. Pic 3 showing him in “Reunion in Rhythm“. But he rarely wore bibs.

Some movies here with long johns are The Waltons (mainly John, Jim-Bob also shown in underwear), Looking For Miracles, Big City (2007) and mainly some other Westerns, I think LHOTP and The Cowboys (1972). I have to check for more (movies and books), maybe some are on my Western or sailor suit blog (+blogroll) .

A good source are the Sears catalogues. Pic 1 from 1935. Also some boys (and men) pictured in different overalls, I think good pics in the 1938 catalogue. I also found a girl in bibs there spring and summer 1938. Pics are on flickr (but mainly copyrighted). Some also on my Google Photos album, previously Picasa).

Update: One girl in red long johns in Cedarmont Kids: Songs of America (“She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mountain”).

I have some more posts about that




Story 149: Somersault in bibs (My So-Called Life)

13 Aug


Claire Danes making a somersault or cartwheel in hickory striped bibs. Nice rear/bottom view.

Also another teen girl and teen boy in bibs in this series. I’m just searching for better clips, but I haven’t found any, yet.

Main entry, rating 5


Somersaults (boys, teen boys) also in



I also have headstands



Story 148: What would I/you pay for…

4 Jun

Vintage or rare stuff is often extremely expensive. Like on ebay or elsewhere. I’m not that rich, but sometimes I would pay a fortune for something, I need. But some stuff has unreasonable prices. Where’s the limit?

I wonder what I/you would pay for

-Rare, unreleased movies / DVD (or wait for a YouTube upload ?) Most great stuff is free (like this blog 😉

-Used clothes/overalls or other stuff from non-celebrities

-Same for celebrities?

One of the problems is that the authenticity is often unclear. And buyers often want to stay anonymous. Another problem is shipping and import duties. And often the clothes size differs. And can you trust the seller?

Once, there was a comment about an auction of celebrity clothes (bibs). I didn’t follow that. If it’s a very famous celebrity and used in a movie, the price would be extremely high >1000s. And a normal person can’t/wouldn’t afford it.

Just some thoughts.

Please no offers. Comments have to be approved.

Story 147: Sugar Creek Gang – girl Circus, raw denim

1 Jun


As I prefer raw denim bibs, I did some photoshopping. Also the tomboy Circus, who never wore bibs in the movies (I wonder why), I changed. I also made the bib higher. Doesn’t look good on the dark green shirt. Also funny, other colors like pink.

Photoshopping is always interesting and funny, as you can change actors, exchange heads and the like. But it’s very time consuming, especially searching for good scenes and good replacements.



Story 146: Feed and flour sacks overalls and underwear – Great Depression

5 May


I knew that they made dresses out of flour sacks and I’ve read that some boys in the summer didn’t wear underwear under their overalls. Now, I’ve read that they made underwear and overalls out of feed or flour sacks in the 1930s.

Obviously, underwear mainly for girls and little kids. The flour sacks often had brands and so were dyed and washed often to become smoother. I don’t know how common this was and haven’t found good pics except these ones from

I haven’t found any bibs or underwear made out of sacks in movies although there are some underwear and undressing scenes like in To Kill a Mockingbird, The Waltons (I think in season 7). Maybe The Waltons weren’t poor enough or they didn’t had feed sacks because they didn’t have much livestock (one cow, and chickens).

Also no good novels. Some few mentionings and a poem. It’s more likely that boys didn’t had any underwear in the summer.


Everts Balloon 1980 print ad

1 May


I found this ad in a German magazine and it probably shows a boy in hickory striped bibs (or shortalls), what were quite rare in Germany. Headshot only. Maybe there were more ads and even TV commercials of this or later other kids in bibs.

Everts Balloon, founded in 1924 was the only Balloon manufactory in Germany and #1 in Europe. Defunct here/sold in 2011. Ballons under this brand might still be produced in Malaysia and Poland (or just remainders). I searched the Web and but couldn’t find  the products, advertised here called “Tricky Balloon” and “Party-Play”, nor other pics or clips of interest. There must have been some accessories next to the ballons for a party. Nowadays, simple balloons are rare.


You Can’t Do That on Television – update 5

27 Feb


I recently checked some episodes for my shiny shorts blog (rating 7/8) because of new suggestions, and found another girl/interesting scene in a bathroom. Partly undressing while a teen girl is in the tub. The black girl is probably Angie Coddett. Also sitting scenes. Bibs are maybe not of jeans fabric (pic 3 has a better image quality).

Pics 1+2 from ep 22 Personal Hygiene (1981). Pic 3 from ep 25 Drugs (1981).

As said, most episodes have been deleted, even the official ones. Maybe because of the relaunch and paid streams. Perhaps there will even be a DVD release?

Main entry, f/m rating up to 7



Books 68: several – Story 143: Walking in stiff new overalls

19 Oct


Because of my recent book purchase and previously finds, mainly about one-room schoolhouses (tagged book), I searched for more books and movies. So here my book results. Unfortunately, some of them are available only as snippet-view on Google.

I don’t remember any movie or series which is about the smell of new denim overalls, bullying or even the noise while walking. Most movies, set in the Great Depression show faded bibs. Even lengthy series like LHOTP and The Waltons have very few raw denim overalls. The pic is from a Mennonite documentary.  I also found some few more movies.


-Aronson: Mud and Dust (careful at school, 2 weeks before washing, removing rich style)

-Davis: Follow the Leader (strong odor, also girl)

-Nelson: Cassidy (not school but in empty store, smell, putting on, walking)

-Millard: Where Did All the Cowboys Go? (not school but at home, also girl)

-De Caux: Labor Radical (scraping tender skin)

-Chappel: Brighten the Corner Where You Are (stiff bibs cut into crotch)

Another one, I can’t find right now was about a boy who like the smell or stench of the bag where the new overalls of his granddad were.

Would also be a great plot for an audio book including noises of scrapping pant legs (and describing)