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Update 3: The Waltons – Season 6

11 Nov


I’m quite busy and currently watching less the Waltons. But here are some scenes of disc 4 + 5 of season 6. Rather few good scenes. At least nothing much new.

Pic 1 showing Elizabeth riding in raw denim bibs (disc 5 at 13 minutes, ep 18). She wore raw denim bibs before (even dancing). Also again in light blue, almost white bleached bibs like sitting. There’s a young girl Katherina in beige bibs (sorry, I forgot to make pics).

Pic 2 showing Jim-Bob walking (disc 4 at 1h36, ep 14). Bibs are not hickory striped which he often wore especially with that shirt.

Pic 3 showing Jim-Bob and Ben painting in coveralls (disc 5 at 1h59, ep 22). Maybe they wore pants or even bibs underneath. Also quite interesting.

Pic 4 showing Jim-Bob dancing (and standing up, brief scene). I think these bibs are hickory striped. Fabric is more sturdy and often in the butt crack. Disc 5 at 51 minutes.

Some few more scenes soon descibed at the season 6 entry.






Story 139: One strap down but not on purpose

10 Sep


In episode 319 of Cebollitas, teen girl Vero wearing long, dark blue bibs. While arguing with a boy, her left strap is sliding down. Obviously not on purpose and unpleasant to her. The bib is quite loose and on the side view it looks as if both straps were loose. She also wears this pair of bibs and the red shirt in ep 318 and her two long braids on her front, reaching the bib although the bib as at low position.

As said before, the later episodes either have been blocked on YouTube in some regions and some are obviously even missing or been deleted. Next to a 2nd uploader I also found a third, Greek one (pictured), series titled ATROMHTOI_. Unfortunately with the same poor image quality as the 2nd. But this episode is available in better quality from the 1st, official brodcasting uploader.

As announced, there are some new actors, but few in bibs. One very young blonde girl in light brown bibs or similar (like in ep 329, soming soon). Also new boy actors, but not in bibs. One teen boy with a dark bowl cut in a wheelchair, one blonde boy.

More infos and some better and earlier episodes also coming soon.



Story 138: Wrestling in overalls – Cebollitas

9 Sep


I mentioned this scene before but wanted to post other scenes first. In ep 92 Gamuza is wrestling with his obviously imaginary young friend Fantasmita. One moment later as another boy entered, Fantasmita is gone and Gamuza wrestling (and being held) alone in bibs on the floor.

Funny scene. Wrestling or fighting in overalls is a great idea, especially when both wearing bibs. Bibs shouldn’t be too tight but too baggy could also make problems. I remember only few other movies or series showing wrestling scenes. Probably some more fighting (I think in The Waltons and LHOTP).

Story 75: Wrestling in bibs (Home Improvement)

The Great Brain




Story 137: Overlapping straps – Cebollitas etc

22 Aug


Overlapping straps are generally very rarely shown. I only have around 7 entries on my complete blog. Some straps have button and holes like Mary Ellen Walton in season 1. I currently have only 2 US movies with overlapping straps (A Winner Never Quits, Man With the Gun (1955). And around 4 European ones, mainly French. Long straps in Papa Poule.

In Cebollitas, almost everybody has overlapping straps often hanging out. Obviously on purpose. I first noticed this on Andrea in her blue bibs (pic 1, here ep 109). Sometimes she has them twirled up and knotted.

Pic 2 showing Fede in ep 60. He was jumping here and the straps flying up in the air. I think he and some others sometimes put them back. In later episodes his bib is at very high position (see list by color). He often has a backpack and also often his bib down also when not changing clothes. He often wears bibs just before episode 75 where I first started to check completetly. Unfortunately no notable rear views, yet.

Pic 3 Gamuza has one strap hanging out and grabbed his straps but I think leaving it hanging out. Ep 64.

Pic 4 showing a girl (Vicky ?) in yellow bibs, full length. Ep 64.

Also with overlapping straps Sofia in a light blue dress (see updated list by color, blue pic #16 and red, last one). And Christina in grey in ep 217.

Some more good scenes, especially of Fede and Gamuza coming soon. But they often have the same pair (Gamuza red and blue). I think, I will soon check episodes 200 and up.



Update: Schloss Einstein – firefighters

19 Aug


By checking my backups, I stubled upon the firefighter Leon (15 or 16 yo Daniel Wachowiak) in episodes 381 (s8e45) and some later. The scenes are very good. Usually firefighters wearing the jacket closed and the bibs can’t be seen. I think, the recent German firefighters mostly don’t even wear bibs anymore. Previosly cotton, then synthetic.

The bib is at high position, the bibs quite tight (baggy don’t make sense at work) and black boy Dennis admires his uniform “echt scharf” (=really hot) and asked if his parents don’t mind him working as that.

The undressing scene in pic 2 where he’s muddy and about to shower (nothing more to see), I previously had in the main entry but at lower size. Also good bunk beds (one more pic of him sitting, on my bedroom blog, rating 8). Sorry for the image quality. Not on DVD but probably available online.

The character is shy and I remember good scenes of him in other episodes (partly pink hair, dancing Asereje) but I prefer other actors and earlier seasons.

I only remember one other scene of firefighters, probably ep 126 (season 3) and the casting of David as Max for season 11. There are also some grown-up firefighters and later farm scenes of teens in dark blue, non-jeans bibs.

I have seen almost every episode, but can’t remember them all. Maybe I missed some scenes also of regular bibs (especially of girls).



Cebollitas – ep. 84 blonde boy bib down

15 Aug


Sorry, I missed this nice brief scene, where the boy with the long blonde hair getting undressed (not completetly shown). Bib is down, also shirtless, but I haven’t seen him wearing them completetly with the straps on. Also shown again the young boy. Many scenes are from a distance showing the complete group and often they wear the same pair. Pics 1+2 from ep 84.

Pic 3 is from ep 82, I talked about earlier, the girl in colorful checkered shortalls.

I found very good sitting scenes in the next episodes. Coming soon.



Story 134: Wearing two pairs of overalls at the same time – Gunsmoke

24 Jul


S19e4 (1973) has just been aired. 15 or 16 yo blonde Vincent Van Patten wore 2 pairs of brown bibs at the same time. Not sure if they are regular pants with suspenders under the other. There are 2 pairs of straps shown on the rear, makes 4. The pair beneath is darker, sometimes even appearing black (maybe 2 different pairs ?)

Also sitting scenes and farm work (sowing). 2 different hats (cap and Cowboy hat) also shown without hats.

Unfortunately I only have seen the last 5 or 10 minutes. I have to recheck that more carefully at slow speed and check the rest.

Wearing 2 pairs I have rarely seen, mainly fishing bibs or a thin protective pair, but more often coveralls like when painting. But in the hot sun on the farm? Did he also wear long underwear? That would make 3 pairs of pants.

Nevertheless very good. Rating 7-8.

Maybe more on my Western blog. Main entry here, rating up to 9 at


I also hope for good scenes in today’s Katrin ist die Beste. Fewer and fewer scenes in Lockie Leonard.

Story 133: Being baptized in overalls – The Waltons

1 Jul


Ben Walton, around 16 or 17 yo, like some of other Waltons (John, Jim-Bob) has not yet been baptized. In s5e4 at 43 minutes he’s being baptized in his medium blue, faded overalls in the creek. After the procedure, he’s been embraced by his mom and I think granny, while soaking wet. Good rear views. But I don’t like Ben. No list entry of Ben yet.

Few wearing white clothes or gowns like his aunt Corabeth but I haven’t seen any others in bibs.

The Revival meeting reminds me of that in The Sugar Creek Gang. I never heard of that kind of Christian Revival before. Obviously unknown or rare here in Europe and Germany (or called and made different).

One last post of season 4 coming soon as announced and more from season 5.

In the monthly stats (which I have to do manually) there are 3 new entries.

Last month over 13,000 hits and last Tuesday almost 900 hits/views that day (most from Germany, and more than 200 visitors). Thanks!

25 hits for a single post a day (here Wind at My Back) is also very high. Usually I have around 10-15. Interesting also the different Google Image search results. Even some of my older, tiny pics are one of the first. Unfortunatley almost only my pics are shown. So researching via Google is more and more difficult. And they also partly show contents from my other blogs.



Wind at My Back – update

27 Jun


I recently forgot one scene in season 1 and I don’t want to have more than 4 pics in one post. So I make one last update of season 1 and 3. I also reuploaded the 1st pic of the main entry showing both Fat and Hub at a bit larger size.

Pic 1 showing some boys at the Olympiad making a human pyramid in s1e4 at 35 min. One short haired boy in bibs as well. Another similar scene with handsmome boys in yellow shorts. Doing sports in bibs is a good idea. I have some posts showing playing Baseball, dancing and the like.

Pic 2 is from ep 31 (s3) at 4 minutes showing Fat and Maisey near the fishing scene. Fat’s bibs appear a bit darker and bib at high position (pullover underneath).The bibs are much better than the faded ones in season 1 when he was around 2 years younger.

He wears boots and unfortunatley a jacket over them. Also both cycling but shown from a distance. Maisey unfortunately not in bibs here but still appear as a tomboy with pants and a cap.

Pic 3 showing 2 older teen boys after working. S1e4 at 15 minutes.



Wind at My Back – s1e6

21 Jun


This episode is mainly about 12 yo Hub (Dylan Provencher) who did farm work for a man. Many very good and long scenes, almost the complete episode. He’s handsome but I prefer 10 yo Fat. Complete list of season 1 coming soon.

Several scenes of walking, front+rear, sitting, hay forking, hands in pockets and the like. Bibs are a bit too long so cuffed up (bibs for a man), bib at quite low position here.

Pic 2 at 23 minutes, also one or two other sitting scenes while making a pause, also jumping down from the wagon is shown. Also some scenes inside a bunkhouse (but dark, hands in pockets). Also in pajamas. At the end leaning against a wall and hands in pockets. Pic 3 is near the beginning.

In pic 4 (at 9 minutes) he has to go quickly to the toilet after drinking too much (probably diarrhea) and has to do it in the field pulling down his bibs (but briefly and partly shown from a distance). Also some older men in bibs.

Rating 7. Raw denim bibs would be better here.