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Update: Commando (1985)

12 Feb


Another update. I haven’t seen the complete movie as I don’t like action films.

Next to the dining scene, there’s at least one more scene at 1h06 (pic 3). Partial rear views. Typical 80s bibs with a belt. Not that bad. But I don’t like her and prefer darker bibs. Bib at quite low position.

Main entry, rating 3-(4)


Update: There’s another longer scene at the end (dark lit) and also a wet scene (thanks dale!). The last 5 minutes missing on one of the YouTube’s clips. Some clips are mirrored, others are either too dark, in bad image quality or missing large parts of the upper and lower frame.




Update 2: The Fool Killer

25 Jan


I now have checked the complete movie and made some better and larger pics.

Very interesting movie. Although I don’t like tight bibs. Edward Albert is often or always barefooted. The bibs are also partly wet.

Main entry, rating 7


Thanks db1 for providing another pic of Joey Lawrence in Young People’s Specials: Umbrella Jack. It’s obviously not a screenshot and I don’t think that this b&w pic is better. I don’t use copyrighted pics other than screenshots.



Update: The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone

16 Jan


Update: Now completely checked and made some better pics. A bit fewer scenes than first assumed. Also some more sitting scenes. And even swimming in bibs. Backside simple suspenders only. Bibs often appear darker. Most scenes from a distance. At the beginning also other, longer medium blue shorts with suspenders. Still quite interesting. Rating 5-6.

Sory for making mainly updates. I’m currently very busy.

Main entry, rating 6



Update: Tom Sawyer (1973)

1 Jan


As announced some more pics of this musical.

Pic 1 showing Johnny Whitaker shirtless and I think a bit wet. Bib at low position. Bibs are tight. Pic 2 showing a young boy sitting on the ground in faded bibs (I think at ~1h20). Pic 3 showing Jeff East as Huck swinging at a rope. Pic 4 at least 2 boys running in light blue bibs at 1h20.

Please also note my recent pic (teen boy at a one-room schoolhouse) and the new pics in the main entry (rating 6) including this and other boys like at the fence painting scene. Huck’s bibs are very simple and the bib at very low position. Straps prolonged with a string. Also soon on my bedroom blog.

For other Tom and Huck movies check out my Western and pre 1900s list and my other blogs, especially the bedroom blog. I think I have to recheck them for supporting actors and schoolhouse scenes. However, most movies don’t show any bibs. And both Tom and Huck in bibs is very rare. Again A Happy New Year!




Update 3: Wish You Well

1 Dec


Now, I have complety checked it. And will recheck it again in English. As said, still rating 7. Another girl and boy in raw denim bibs and 2 men, but rather few, very good scenes.

1st scene at the beginning is the boy Diamond in faded bibs climbing onto the car. Then the bibs for the girl are prepared on her bed when she arrived at her great grandmother (pic 3 at 6 min). Then she had them on and pigtails (no dressing on shown). 7 yo brother on bed rear view, faded. 10 min: outside with hat falling in manure.

13: Outside the school, some kids wearing bibs (pics 1+4), one girl in simple, purple bibs. The boy in pic 1 on the left in raw denim bibs is quite young, also shown inside the school but briefly and from a distance.

19: Corn field, running rear view girl (back close-up), boy from a distance. 20 Diamond rear view. 22 Diamond sitting, 23 girl headshot, 28 barn girl, 30 girl lying on ground, 44 wet scene girl+boy (pics very briefly) after that barefeet in a cabin, 48 three sitting on tree house, 49 three walk rear view, 50 walk front (very good scene of Diamond), 1h08 girl sitting.

There’s an 8 min. fast playing photo gallery showing some more scenes incl. behind the scenes, also a boy in beige bibs, and some few others, I haven’t noticed in the film. But few good scenes there. I think, I have to make more pics, especially of Diamond. He appeared often but only until 52 min.



Update 2: Wish You Well

29 Nov


I received the BD and almost have seen it completely. Even more scenes than thought. Also a perfect sitting scene of boy “Diamond” at 22 minutes (pictured), I previously missed, although located just few seconds before the school headshot of the girl. There are 2 different angles of the sitting boy shown. I thought of giving rating 9 or 10.

Some other good scenes include a corn field scene (girl+Diamond running, rear view at 19 min), wet scene in a creek (girl+Diamond at 49), girl lying on the ground in raw denim bibs (at 30), another boy in raw denim bibs (at 13), good walking scene of Diamond (at 50), farm work and some more. But almost all very good scenes are very short.

Good movie and landscape images, poor German dubbing. And the girl is very thin.

Still rating 7-8, maybe I can’t give rating 8 compared to other movies/series.

More infos and pics soon.


Drakosha i kompaniya

8 Nov


Family series, little dragon, 40 ep
Year: 2001
Year in film: 2000s
Country: Russia
Who in bibs: girls ~6, boys ~10 ?
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: medium ?
Rating:  4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: Some boys and very young girls in bibs and shortalls. Most often shown the girl in pic 2, also in faded jeans bibs. Pic 1 also wet (being splashed), pic 3 bib at low position. I later found a redhaired boy ~9 yo in brown or olive appearing bibs in ep 20. I think I have to make some updates later.

Pics: The boys I found in ep 7, pic 2 from ep 3 and the shortalls in ep 5.

Another suggestion. Thanks very much! I haven’t checked all episodes and had again problems, finding any boys in bibs. And the girls I found are very young.

Rating 4-5 for now.

Russian title: Дракоша и компания, English title: Drakosha & Co.

Also soon on my bedroom and shiny shorts blog, rating ~6. Update: Also men in bibs and the brown bibs are obviously corduroy.



Update: Split Infinity

30 Oct


I already had updated that post with infos and 2 new pics, but now I have checked the complete movie for a second time, now at regular speed to make sure to not miss anything. (I already had the best scenes and didn’t miss much).

As said, many (good) scenes and I almost considered buying the DVD, but still rating “just” 7. Few good scenes of younger boys. Often from a distance or very brief.

Pic 1 showing a handsome blond boy at 1h09. Also previously a similar boy but with a cap. Pic 2 is the Baseball scene at 43 minutes. Also good rear view but most younger boys often in the distance. Batter is older Jason. I think who is also being spanked at school at 25 min. One young boy sitting on the ground.

Pic 3 showing main character, 14 yo girl AJ in shortalls with one strap down at 55 min. Also several girls, young and old in sailor or sailor-style dresses (1929). Pic 4 showing a barn scene with 3 boys at 57 min. Also more scenes with boys at ropes also at the carnival but mainly shown the teen girl hanging and sliding down at a rope.

Unpictured, the creek scene at 45 min. Mainly Jason in front (also wet). One shirtless teen boy sitting barefoot in bibs but from a distance.

Main entry with more pics




Split Infinity

27 Oct


Year: 1992
Year in film: 1929, (1992)
Country: USA
Who in bibs: girl A.J. 14, boys ~7-17
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: often
Rating:  7/10 ?
Rating: *******
Comment: At least boys, men and a 14 yo girl (Melora Slover) in blue bibs and shortalls also with her bib and one strap down. Interesting time travel plot. Set in 1929. It’s not a woman as another site clearly stated.

During rechecking of Fried Green Tomatoes (on my one-room schoolhouse list, update coming soon), I found by coincidence a pic of the cover of this one. A school also here but a larger one.

Also a teen boy Jason playing Baseball in bibs at 40 minutes and some more in bibs but from a distance.

Rating at least 7-8 for now. (Most younger boys in the background only). Mostly shown the teen girl and older teen boys.

Subtitle: A Gift From the Past.

Update: Completely checked but at high speed, so might miss some scenes. Much more bibs scenes than assumed. 1st scene at 25 minutes. One older teen boy at school is being spanked in bibs. Many boys at a barn party/carnival at ~1h06 including younger boys but most from a distance.Wet scenes at a creek at 45 minutes, The teen girl is also milking, but surprisingly not in bibs. Also a very brief cycling scene of the girl. Update and more pics coming soon.

Removing tag women, adding tag bicycle, sitting M, shortalls.

Pic 1 at 38 min (3 boys at school instead of 1, also legs of kids upstairs), pic 2 at 1h06, pic 3 at 1h02, pic 4, my favourite scene at 1h00.



The Worst Witch (2017)

10 Oct


Family series
Year: 2017-
Year in film: 2010s ?
Country: UK, Germany
Who in bibs: Mildred ~12
Available on DVD: yes
I own: no
Bib occurence: low ?
Rating:  4/10 ?
Rating: ****
Comment: At least Bella Ramsey as Mildred in tight, dark blue and I think in black or dark grey bibs (according to a pic). Also sitting in those blue bibs (on a broomstick). Pics from ep s1e1. Also many girls in long, bibs-like black dresses.

Currently  running on Kika, but I’ve never seen it and found during research.

Also on my pigtails blog, rating 6.

Rating 3-4 for now only. I assume rather few bibs scenes. But the series is still running.

There are also some other, related series (at least girls in dresses and beige aprons).

I think I have seen a preview with wet scenes.